Insights about SOLUTIONS for Supermarket Automation – Spring 2020


A look into the future…. Find out how you can stay competitive with pricing and profitability…

  1. Let’s review the traditional method of price management.
  2. Then discover what can be accomplished through shelf tag automation.

In today’s independent supermarket net margins hover in the 1 to 1 ½% range. Labor is a constant challenge.  Finding, training, and retaining reliable pricing staff is especially difficult.

The average Supermarket deals with hundreds if not thousands of price changes, new and  discontinued items each week.

Managing pricing includes: updating prices at the Point of Sale, printing, sorting, hanging the new shelf tags and deciding what to do with the old tag.

Then there’s the infamous intercom
► “Price check on 3” ◄

Someone is interrupted from the task at hand and goes to lane 3 to see the item, then go to the shelf tag for the price and back to lane 3. It’s disruptive and a waste of time for everyone.

Realistically, we don’t even want to know what it costs to maintain paper shelf tags because it just makes us mad!  

To help control shelf tag labor, pricing systems have logic to skip price changes if the new calculated retail doesn’t change by more than a penny or two.

Now consider the hours per week dedicated to shelf price verification and replacing missing or damaged tags.

So much of this labor is boring, repetitive and difficult for staff to motivate themselves to do.

In stark contrast, online stores are able to quickly shop the competition and quickly adjust their electronic pricing.

They are highly motivated to ensure they are best positioned to compete for their customer’s shopping dollars.

Make no mistake… in ever increasing numbers,
right in your aisles; shoppers are quickly and easily comparing pricing online.


Discover Shelf Tag Automation

If all shelf tag automation did was to help you can stay competitive with pricing and profitability… would it be worth it?

Imagine your store where the price on the shelf tag matches the Point of Sale, every time.

What if you could make as many price changes as needed even if it’s only a penny increase, and the shelf tag instantly updates to match.

No more “Price check on 3” , no more missing or damaged paper tags, and no more painful labor hours walking the aisles, validating pricing, one item at a time.

Why not take that valuable paper shelf tag labor and leverage it into the science of competitive pricing and profitability?


Electronic Shelf Tags (ESLs)
have been around for over 20 years

InStore Technology features Pricer ESL
the #1 Electronic Shelf Tag manufacturer in the world

We’re so much more than just another vendor.

We wake up every day, focused on innovative, money saving technologies that will keep you strong, efficient and competitive.

After all we’re all about Independent Supermarkets – your success is our success.

Pricer ESL made electronic shelf tags are mature, they’re robust, great looking, always accurate and highly reliable.

Did you know that you may qualify to write off 100% of capital improvements in the first year?      At a flat 21% tax rate this is a substantial savings!!!


If all shelf tag automation did was to help you increase revenue… would it be worth it?

Pricer ESL Electronic Shelf Tag Benefits:

  • Kill embarrassing POS price overrides
  • Eliminate costly fines from price audits
  • Wipe out paper shelf tag labor
  • Promote customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Quick investment payback – typically 12 to 14 months
  • Variety of ESL types and sizes fit all display requirements
  • Long ESL life, battery lasts 7 to 10 years, reduces maintenance costs
  • Seamless integration with existing Point of Sale systems
  • Highly scalable infrastructure which allows for future growth

Want to know more? Call us now at 1-800-544-8408

We’re committed to providing the finest equipment, professional service, and technical support at affordable prices.  When you need us, we’re there.


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