A simple man may not be concerned for tomorrow because he is risk unaware; on the other hand business owners cannot afford to address risk before risk addresses them in debilitating ways. A wise man once said that 20% of people are honest all of the time and 20% of the people are dishonest all of the time and 60% are as honest as they need to be. Regardless of the percentages the point is that supermarkets are a target for bad guys – some you see but don’t recognize and some you don’t even see. Unfortunately, many retailers wait until they’ve got a huge problem. InStore understands the value of proactive, defensive security measures to keep our retailers sleeping well at night.

Our Solutions:

Network Security and Monitoring

Millenium Digital

Millenium Digital Technologies
  • MDTech online management console
  • Complete network support
  • POS integrated zone management
  • State-of-the-art firewall technology
  • Secure wireless backup
  • Available high-speed backup
  • Built-in fully automated dial backup
  • Flexible ISP options
  • PCI Compliant 2-factor remote access
  • Site-to-Site wide area network ( WAN)
  • Drop-in PCI DSS compliance
  • Total PCI

Surveillance Systems


Open Eye
  • Alarm events
  • Advanced search
  • Review and archive
  • Backup options
  • scheduling
  • Storage options
  • Monitoring options
  • Video analytics


STOP Checkout Vision Systems
  • ScanItAll checkout vision suite
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Workflow wizard
  • Video on demand


  • Workflow wizard
  • Reduced shrink and rapid ROI
  • Boost profits per lane, per day by up to 10% typical ROI less than 12 months
  • Tighter business controls
  • Reporting on what is going through the checkout lanes under the cart
  • Integration with your POS system in real-time

Grind Log Tracking


BR Data

Digitally maintain meat grind logs to satisfy the requirements of new USDA-FSIS regulations. Save time and labor while limiting the margin for error by running reports through BRdata.

  • Available on iOS devices
  • Extract pertinent data from GS1-128 case barcode
  • Build bin’s or grind by case
  • Pull products from display
  • Track cleaning of grinder
  • Reporting with BRdata Cloud
  • Reporting includes queries by final product, ingredient or grinder, cleaner report, and audits

Time and Attendance

Time Equipment

Time Equipment

Customized time & attendance solutions. To get you results!

  • Attendance on Demand
    • Highly secure, cost-effective labor management. Fully customizable to your company’s rules and integrated with HR and payroll software.
  • Attendance Enterprise
    • Host this server-based time and attendance solution on your own company’s servers and maintain complete control and customization
  • Time Clocks
    • Time Equipment carries a wide variety of time clocks…from simple PIN terminals to biometrics including hand scanners and facial recognition. Even use a smart phone or browser to record hours.
  • Dashboards customized for your organization and users.
  • Dynamic time cards instantly capture employee time and management changes
  • Drill-down summary sheets provide labor and employee exception information
  • Scheduling includes automatic schedules and easy-to-use editing
  • Extensive data filtering and drill-down capabilities
  • Online reporting
  • Extensive pay rules for complex policies and compliance
  • Payroll and HR integration shares information with your payroll and HR
  • Learning centers provide on-demand learning and training

Supermarket Cash Management

MIMO Cash & CoinCash and Coin Machine
  • MIMO 300 was engineered to increase your bottom line by automating cash handling operations for your business
  • Spend les time counting cash and more time focusing on your customer and core business.
  • MIMO accepts, dispenses, and validates all cash and coin eliminating the need to have multiple employs count and verify cash throughout the day.
  • Enforce employee cash accountability while gaining the freedom to focus on your customers.
  • With over 300,000 cash units worldwide, you can rely on MIMO’s accuracy and automate unnecessary cash counting labor.
  • MIMO’s innovative software can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our Transfer To Multi (TTM) function will Automatically Prepare Your Bank Deposit without anyone needing to physically touch the cash. Our software knows the exact location of all your MIMO cash and coin and will transfer your specified funds into one deposit cassette.
  • Securely monitor your cash inventory from any location. The entire cash room is at your fingertips.
  • Sleep better at night knowing your cash inventory is under constant surveillance.