Check Scanner Cleaning Cards

Do you know about the federal Check 21 Act?  This federal law went into effect in October 2004 and states that when someone pays by check, the retailer may take a digital version of the check and give the original check back to the customer.  Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) provides banks with the ability to handle checks more efficiently.  It also requires that your check scanners are running clearly without interuption day in and day out.  When you do not maintain your check scanners, costly deposit errors could occur.  Endorsement ink build-up from scanner lens covers, check transport rollers and belts can cost you money.  Check scanner cleaning cards can remove the residue and provide clarity for this legal document.  

Each manufacturer has a unique design for their check scanner.  When purchasing your check scanner cleaning card, make sure you purchase the cleaning card that is approved by your manufacturer.  

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