Myth #3 – There’s just no room for it at my Front

Myth #3 – There’s just no room for it at my Front

Insights about SOLUTIONS for Supermarket Automation – January 2020


Discover the 3 Myths About Self Service Check Out

Why in the world would independents choose Self Service Check Out?

In our previous articles we covered the myths –
1. “My Customers Just Won’t Use It”
2. “It Costs Too Much!”

We hope you’re enjoying them even if only to confirm what you already know. If you missed one just click on the link above.

Our goal is to share what we’ve learned and give you fat free food for thought. In this article we’ll cover – There’s just no room for it at the front-end.

Myth #3:
The third reason for not implementing SSCO is that there just isn’t the front-end space for it.

It’s true that no two retailers are the same, and there are allot of factors to consider. With limited exception, four SSCO lanes with the cashier attendant station, fits in the space normally reserved for two cashier attended checkout lanes.

For some retailers, in very tight situations there are compact solutions available.

Fortunately for the readers of this article, none are in downtown Manhattan or similar cramped environments. You may be quite surprised at how nicely a pod of 4 SSCO lanes fits into your front-end experience.

Another key point to consider is that SSCO eliminates your express lanes. Now your attended lanes are focused on the large orders and SSCO handles the express transactions.

Depending on your customer base and their comfort level with SSCO, it’s important that the SCO attendant is there is advise, assist and also switch the lane to attended mode and check the customer out for them. It’s all about making it enjoyable, simple, easy and quick.

With SSCO your most unprofitable lanes are history!

Ideal placement is directly in the center of your traffic flow; customer exiting the aisles and approaching checkout should have a convenient option for either attended or SSCO lanes.

During busy periods approaching customers will have a few more steps to the secondary attended lanes. Remember, many of your shoppers are already using SSCO, they will appreciate our thoughtful approach and presentation of both attended and SSCO options.

Unless limitations require otherwise, we normally place a pod of 4 SSCO lanes, two deep and facing each other. Each 2-bagger unit is physically 33” deep and 5’5” wide. Studies show a preference for a two-foot separation between the units on each side. The example on the previous page is drawn to scale showing SSCO placement between 3 attended lanes on either side. One-bagger units save some space but also limit the transaction size. In all but the most cramped front ends, with some finesse and planning SSCO can be done and is being done every day across America.

SSCO is a mature refined solution. No longer can it be considered an “up and comer” or “still with a long way to go”. No SSCO solutions today have learned a great deal from past experience, different environments, and a wide variety of front ends and placements.

It’s important to also note that through this experience a solid suite of best practices have been developed and refined to ensure your SSCO experience is the best possible for you, and most importantly for your customers.

Count on Results:

Did you know we’re seeing at least one Independent Supermarket roll out SSCO per month, and it’s happening right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know that by implementing SSCO you will find that you’ve not detracted from your shopper’s experience; you’re continuing to improve it.

We’re committed to providing the finest equipment, professional service, and technical support at affordable prices. When you need us, we’re there.

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