Myth #1 – My Customer just won’t use it

Myth #1 – My Customer just won’t use it

Insights about SOLUTIONS for Supermarket Automation – November 2019

Why Do Independents Choose Self Service Check Out?

  • Customers Hate to Wait
  • Customers Expect Instant Gratification
  • Customer Service is Critical
Customers Hate to Wait… Perception is Reality

We all know that when we’re waiting in line, time slows to a crawl; 30 seconds feels like minutes and a couple minutes feels like so much more.

Why? Because we’re waiting helplessly with nothing to do but stress about all the things we should be doing instead of what we are doing… waiting in line.

Our minds race with questions like:

“Why is it taking so long?”
“I wonder if they could call up just 1 more cashier?”

“Oh, wait, I think that the line just moved a little.

Now I can put down these things on the conveyor belt.”

Most shoppers welcome the opportunity for Self Service; even if it isn’t faster, it sure feels faster.

Today’s Shoppers Expect Instant Gratification

Myth #2 – It Costs too Much!Today it’s just as much about convenience as it is price. In ever increasing numbers, today’s shoppers expect instant gratification and they have choices, lots of choices.

Adding a Self Service Check Out option for your customers will enhance their shopping experience. Shoppers will now have the option of a self-service check out or they may go through the standard check out lane.

Customer Service is Critical

Myth #3 – There’s just no room for it at my FrontHaving the correct person attending the Self Service Check Out lanes is absolutely critical to the overall success.

The right person is truly a people person, one that loves their job, loves their customers and it shows.

As the attendant cashier welcomes customers into the SSCO lane, he or she will quickly recognize opportunities to assist anyone and quickly turn apprehension into confidence.

Today it’s not unusual for an independent supermarket to see 45 to 50% of their transactions going through their SCO lanes. It’s not because the shopper feels they have no choice; they have a choice and are choosing to go SSCO.

The correct person attending the SSCO lanes makes a big difference.

Customers are using Self Service Check Out in record numbers

By implementing SSCO you will find that you’ve not detracted from your shopper’s experience; you’re continuing to improve it.

Count on Results:

Did you know we’re seeing at least one Independent Supermarket roll out SSCO per month, and it’s happening right here in the Pacific Northwest.

In the next article we’ll look at cost.

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3 Myths About Self Service Check Out – Report