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E-commerce home shopping and loyalty interest and adoption is growing across the country. Independent retailers are recognizing the competitive and often strategic importance of these tools tightly integrated into the technical and operational DNA of their business. InStore has been installing and servicing payments solutions for more than 35 years. We understand your payments needs while assuring compliance and data security. InStore offers two excellent choices each with multiple options for payments processing to your bank.

Our Solutions:

Rosie – E-commerce Home Shopping

Rosie Home Shoipping

For retailers using both RORC and Rosie, the partnership provides retailers with the following benefits:

  • Pricing integrity, including seamless, near real-time price change updates
  • Ease-of-implementation – direct connection between eCommerce and POS data
  • In-aisle scanning
  • Product picking process
  • 360-degree data flow via a “Completed Transaction Feed.” Retailers won’t need to take an online order and scan it through the front-end registers after it has been picked. Data flows directly between the order picking interface and RORC, enabling sales reporting and eliminating duplicate work
  • This 360-degree data flow also solves the challenges grocers face in setting up online shopping; the time-consuming, error-prone process of entering price, product, and related information for each store location and ensuring integrity of the data between the POS and eCommerce systems.
  • The RORCv6 and Rosie solution takes up to 50 percent less time to implement with a streamlined, templated approach for receiving and inputting all information necessary to get accurate products and prices online faster.

The above capabilities result in a 30% to 50% reduction in total labor costs for retailers.

On average, labor rates per hour in the independent grocery business are between $12 and $19. If a retailer saves 30% of their time per order via the Rosie and RORC partnership, they will save $6 per order, or $3,000 in labor per month with 500 orders/month.


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Easy, affordable, online shopping powered by YOU! BRdata Collect empowers you, the retailer, to promote YOUR brand through YOUR website and consumer app. Click and Collect to identify and reward your top customers, with a complete cloud based solution. Leverage our expertise in pricing, inventory, product location, or categorization, by using your existing database to drive sales, profits, and brand loyalty in the world of online shopping.

  • Branded for YOUR website, to promote YOU
  • BRdata Cloud Loyalty solution
  • BRdata Connect – Branded consumer app
  • Digital manufacturer coupons
  • Seamlessly integrated with your back office
  • Optimized order picking system
  • Nutritional facts and ingredients
  • Multiple payment system options
  • Standardized and customizable image library


BR DataCustomer Loyalty

  • Maintain a centralized customer file at BRdata Host
  • When a customer is added to the host customer database, it is distributed to the store in near real-time
  • A consolidated transaction log file allows users to track what customers are or are not buying
  • Generate customer mailings
  • POS specific promotions are entered and maintained from the BRdata Host or Store Application and are managed through BRdata Connect and BRdata Cloud.
  • Low monthly fees, higher retailer engagement requirements

Mobile Loyalty

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RSA AMERICA (RSA) is a retailer branded solution that empowers the independent grocer to compete with the big guys by delivering mega-chain capability to the independent supermarket that is surprisingly affordable. RSA’s marketing services uniquely and effectively position this product for time strapped independent retailers. The RSA America Solution has three main components:

  • Mobile Solution
    • Cloud based, single-point promotions creation and management system
    • Fully integrated solution for manufacturer and in-store promotion content and redemption
    • A hyper-targeting mobile platform to identify, track, and grow customer value and loyalty
    • Store branded App; each retailer has a customized mobile app of their own with extensive analytics and reporting tools
  • Marketing Services
    • This solution comes with an on-going comprehensive marketing approach that will promote adoption and high usage in a very short time frame
    • This is an intelligent and effective Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy which will ensure your mobile solution delivers on every promise. The results will exceed expectations for retailers and shoppers.
    • Marketing services analyzes the environment, identifies needs, makes recommendations and helps the retailer develop, execute, and manage a comprehensive marketing program.
    • Your success is our success!
  • Analytics
    • Channel – e-mail, social, web and circular
    • Shopper – behavioral, preferences, trends, price impact
    • App – daily, monthly, new user, total sessions, retention.

Payments Solutions

At Instore, we know how important reliability and security are when considering a payments solution. We also understand the importance of choice which is why we offer two options with connectivity to multiple processors connecting to the bank. Our solutions are PCI and EMV compliant, designed for supermarkets with options for Credit, Debit, EBT, eWIC, BlackHawk Marketing, Check Authorization. We understand your payments needs, check out the details below:

Here’s the detail . . .

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NCR Connected Payments

  • Easily comply with PCI and other regulatory requirements via complete payment data security
  • Prepare your payment systems for EMV cards effortlessly, and reduce fraud-related liability
  • Embrace new payment types quickly and easily, and prepare for the future shopper
  • Enjoy uncompromising security with a cost-efficient cloud delivery model
  • POS and payment engines; transaction switching
  • P2P encryption and tokenization
  • BIN file distribution, central configuration support and PIN pad management
  • Payment system health monitoring and alerting
  • Enterprise reporting and PIN pad tracking and alerting
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Index Payments Gateway

  • 1-Second EMV – The fastest EMV experience in the US. Fast, simple and secure – customers can dip anytime and remove their card in just one second
  • Full P2P Encryption – Industry-leading Point-to-Point 2048-bit RSA encryption, asymmetric keys, and periodic key rotation to secure transactions with no P2PE fees
  • Semi-Integrated Payments – modern architecture, future proof your in-store payments. Index routes payment data directly from the PIN pad to the processor, removing your point of sale (POS) from the critical path and simplifying PCI compliance
  • Hosted PCI Level 1 Gateway – provides processing flexibility and reliability. Index is a cloud-based, fault-tolerant solution that requires no on-premise hardware and dramatically reduces your compliance burdens
  • Armada – Remotely manage your fleet of PIN pads. Monitor store and device health, deploy software and security updates, and configure features like tender acceptance, cash back, tip collection, signature capture and more

Supported Payments Processors

First DataChase Paymentech


World PayElavon