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InStore Technology, LLC is a leading provider of hardware and software for the specialized needs of the retail industry.  InStore provides a broad range of high-performance technology solutions and services designed to optimize productivity and profitability.  With experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel, InStore Technology can assess your unique business requirements and then craft the technology solution to match.  If you would like someone from our sales organization to contact you, please contact us at 206-709-0125 or 800-544-8408. InStore is an NCR Certified  Solution Provider. 

NCR is the No.1 supplier of retail technology to independent grocers and regional chains and the only major technology company focused exclusively upon their needs.NCR's Connected Payments™ and Connected Services™ and store automation offerings enable independents to compete on a level technology playing field with industry giants. NCR is proud to offer the leading Point of Sale systems (POS) for independent grocers and regional chains, ISS45 and ScanMaster. NCR Self-Service Check Out (SSCO) and U-Scan self-checkout are fully integrated to our POS platforms as well as PocketOffice mobile store management and the ABO and mult-store headquarters systems.

As a one-stop resource, our product offerings include unprecedented technology options - payment systems, Connected analysis and security software, Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL), petroleum and fuel management software control and anti-virus, - ready to go.  Give us a call at InStore today, and we can help you with all your POS needs. 

InStore is 100% committed to serving the technology needs of independent grocers and small chains.  Nowhere is our commitment more obvious than with NCR Connected Payments.  This dramatic system initiative saves independent grocers up to 25% or more of their electronic payments charges by bringing advanced payments capabilities to even the smallest grocer.  NCR brought an outstanding working solution to the industry by bringing to the table the most important Electronic Payments providers.  Call us for an NCR Connected Payments quote. 

With InStore, independent grocers no longer need to take a back seat to the technology capabilities of the giant chains. The industry’s giants have historically had great technology advantages simply because they can benefit from larger economies of scale and broader financial resources – advantages that were simply unavailable to smaller chains. Give us a call at InStore, and we can help you with all your store automation needs.

ISS45 and ScanMaster

  • Open system design which allows implementation of emerging technologies
  • Keyboard, Touch Scrren, Dynakey/Teamkey
  • Supports most OPUS devices
  • Transaction specific prompts with operator lead through
  • Integrated customer loyalty with several promotion options
  • Industry setting standard reports

NCR Integrated Payments

  • Secure and reliable payments processing
  • Signature capture
  • Check conversion
  • Credit to debit conversion
  • Gift cards
  • Multiple payment Terminals Supported
  • Configurable as server, client or connected payments


  • Fully integrated system with on-line POS interfact
  • Total back-door to front-end control of:
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Shelf Labels and Signage
  • Reporting
  • DSD Receiving
  • SIL Wholesaler Interface
  • Multiple handhelds supported

Datalogic Scanner Scales

  • Full support of GS1 DataBar Codes
  • All weight scale platter with integrated produce rail
  • Patented surround scan 3d scanning
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding for hard to read labels
  • Flash memory for in the field upgrades
  • Multiple interface supports popular POS systems

NCR Self Service Checkout

  • World's leader in self-checkout
  • Follow me LED's leads customers through transaction
  • Larger, more appealing graphics reduce attendant interventions
  • Modular, flexible architecture customer configurable with: 
  •      electronic payments only, coin dispensers, coin hoppers,
  •      0-1-2-4 bagging stations or carousel


  • Reduced shrink and rapid ROI
  • Boost profits per lane, per day by up to 10% typical ROI les than 12 months
  • Tighter business controls
  • Reporting on what is going through the checkout lanes under the cart
  • Integration with your POS system in real-time
  • Enterprise manager
  • Lane status, software updates, item updates and additions
  • Watch a short video by clicking on the link below.  NOTE:   You can press the left arrow to return to our website when you are done with the video. 
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbUdQjFIN5Q

Security Systems

OpenEye is an innovator in the business of designing and manufacturing digital video recorders and surveillance equipment for the security industry. Dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience through its products and service, OpenEye is known worldwide for quality products offering intuitive operation and ease of use. OpenEye is a 100% US owned company with manufacturing facilities and corporate offices located in the US. At InStore, we integrate OpenEye closed circuit TV (CCTV) with your POS system.

Hard to Find Items

Do you need something for your POS system and you don't see it on our site?  There are many things a retailer needs that just don't seem to exist.  You end up trying to create something for yourself to solve that immediate problem.  If you have POS items with hard to find solutions, give us a call.  We have many industry specific niche items that can help you solve a front-end problem.

Send us an email at sales@instoretech.com or give us a call at (800) 544-8408 and we'll find that item for you.  Give us a try, and we'll show you why Instore Technology is the Intelligent choice.


Whether you're scheduling regular maintenance on your system or have a POS emergency that could affect the functioning of your business, InStore is here to help with experienced, knowledgeable service engineers.  The InStore Service department is here to ensure that your POS system is running optimally.  We are committed to efficient, capable, courteous and thorough service.  Our success is in helping you succeed!

For those customers who desire a higher level of support, we offer maintenance and support agreements.  Please contact our sales department for more information on maintenance and support agreements.


Phone Support: We offer support agreements for phone support via our call assistance center.  Our call assistance center is staffed with helpful systems support specialists who will walk you through step-by-step to resolve your POS difficulty.

On-Site: We offer support agreements for on-site software support.  Our customer support specialists and service technicians will resolve your POS difficulty on site, whether it's reloading your system or reconfiguring it for improved functionality.


On-Site: We offer maintenance agreements for on-site hardware maintenance and support.  Our service technicians will provide regular equipment maintenance or resolve your POS difficulty on-site, ensuring your store continues to run smoothly and profitably.

Depot-Maintenance: Through our depot maintenance program, we provide maintenance, service and repair for your equipment with a minimum of hassle for you; simply ship us the piece of equipment in need of servicing, we will repair it at our shop and ship it back to you.

Carry-in Maintenance: Similar to our depot maintenance program, our carry-in maintenance program offers in-shop maintenance, service and repair of equipment that you transport to our shop; we will repair it and call you when your equipment is ready.

Swap Program: We offer swap programs on qualified units.  Do you have a piece of equipment in need of repair but can't do without it?  Take advantage of our swap program!  You buy a new piece of equipment and get a swap credit when you return the old, in-need-of-repair unit.  If you prefer not to select a coverage plan, InStore Technology still offers service and repair - either on-site or in-shop - and phone support, chargeable on a time and materials basis.