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POS News

WA State Liquor Sales

With the privitization of liquor sales in WA state, there are a number of new factors that a retailer needs to consider.  If you need help making these changes to your cash register system, call InStore Technology today at 800-544-8408.  Below are some links to helpful information for retailers.

http://liq.wa.gov/  -  link ot the home page for the WA state liquor page. 

GS1 Databar Barcode Update

GS1 Databar Barcodes are being introduced on Manufacturers Coupons. Is your store ready for GS1 Databar?
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 GS1 Databar Barcode Update
The following Link provides information pertaining to GS1 Databar Barcode functionality within ISS45 and ScanMaster
GS1 Databar Information for ISS45 and ScanMaster Customers


 WIC Formula Changes for Oregon

Abbott Nutrition has implemented changes in their infant formula effective March 2010.

WIC Formula Changes for Oregon
Abbott Nutrition, manufacturer of Similac Formulas has implemented changes in their infant formula.  They are decreasing can sizes and nutritional composition of their powdered formula.  The end result for WIC Vendors is new labeling and can sizing, although UPC's will remain the same.

During the transition, vouchers may list original sizing (12.9 oz) or might list both sizes (12.9 oz or 12.4 oz, etc).  As with all WIC vouchers, the size/sizes listed are only those eligible for that particular purchase/WIC voucher redemption.

The transition should be completed by mid-summer 2010. 
Oregon WIC vendor contact number is:                877-809-0889         877-809-0889

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 Target Brands Patent Case

This page provides information on the Target Brands Patent case. The retailers who are potentially effected by this case include any Retailer who has WinEPS or Connected Payments installed in their store.

The following links provide additional information on the Target Brands Patent case:
InStore Customer Letter Re: Target Brands Patent
Storenext Customer Letter Re: Target Brands Patent


 InStore News


Wray's Grocery Installs ISS45 POS with InStore Technology
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C & K Case Study

C & K Case Study on back office
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