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  • Are you in charge of an association, a community or an event?  Wouldn't you just simply love to identify your members and participants and provide everyone with a nice personalized card?  You can now use your own computer to design badge layouts.  Spice it up with an ID picture and add some personal data.  Then, simply print the badge and hand it to its new owner.  Stunning!  Can it be any simpler?  Please see our Tattoo, Pebble, and Dualys printers to help with all your badge needs.  
  • Do you control a sports club or a transportation network, or  do you need to identify your students?  You want to leverage the benefits of a magnetic stripe, a chip and other such advanced options.  Evolis provides flexibility, proximity, and printing in volume with printers that match smart features with premium quality:  single or double-sided printing, all types of encoding (magnetic strips, smart card with contact or contactless) and printing cards by the unit or in volume.   
  • Need supplies for your Evolis printer, call InStore at 800-544-8408.   Contact Us with questions or comments. 

 Here is a great video to get you farmiliar with our product line. Video

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Tattoo RW Basic USB & Ethernet
Tattoo RW Basic USB & Ethernet
Zenius Classic Printer without option, USB
Zenius Classic Printer without option, USB