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ISS-45 Ver. 8 Bogo – Single Item Promotion
A simple buy one/get one free promotion (BOGO) can be set up in minutes on ISS-45. The program allows the user to specify dates and times for the promotion. It’s a great way to set up a quick promotion and reduce shrink on perishable overstocks. The following instructions will get you started with the most basic single item bogo. 

Access ISS45

  1. Main Menu
  2. Promotion Management
  3. Promotions, Reductions, Offers
  4. Single item promotion (promotion number automatically assigned)
  5. Enter plu/upc number
  6. Enter start/end date/time (multiple choices)
  7. Enter promotion description
  8. Go to “Offer” tab on right side of screen
  9. Enter amount off (current retail price)
  10. Enter (1) in both standard & discount price.
  11. Click Apply

*Remember this is for single item promotion only. Multi-item promotions are applied through the Enhanced Promotion menu.

How do I change the sales tax on my system?
Washington State sales tax rates are increasing April 1st 2009

The following web site will assist you in determining your new tax rate. - http://dor.wa.gov/content/FindTaxesAndRates/SalesAndUseTaxRates/

NOTE:  Once you change the tax rate, it will apply to the registers immediately. 

ISS-45 V-7 users:

  • Access Back Office (1)
  • Access File Maintenance (6)
  • Access Tax Rates (7)
  • Select applicable tax rate (usually only 1 option)
  • Update
  • Arrow down to Tax Rate
  • Enter new rate as a four-digit number
  • For example: 8.5% would be entered as 8500
  • Press F2
  • The new rate will immediately apply to the registers. 

ISS-45 V-8 users:

  • Access Database Management
  • Access Financial Database
  • Access Tax Rate
  • Select applicable tax rate (usually only 1 option)
  • Click Edit
  • Adjust Rate using decimal point
  • For example: 8.5% would be entered as 8.500
  • Click Apply
  • The new rate will immediately apply to the registers.

PCI and Visa CISP Compliance

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